How we work

Getting Started

We work closely with our clients to agree a precise definition of study objectives and the specific expertise required to execute the project. We then propose a range of specialists from our Expert Team or their peer groups that is tailored to the client's needs. Clients select a subset of experts to join the project team together with the client's representatives. Teams meet via our internet Webinar service or face to face, as it suits the client. Project teams are led by an evalueSCIENCE Case Manager, all highly qualified scientists with relevant sector knowledge and project management experience. Read about our Experts.

Peer Reviews

The spirit of peer review is central to the company’s services.  When chosing experts for a given project, we include those with varying perspectives on the study topic. We encourage open discussion and debate amongst team members as tools to foster creativity and innovation.  This approach allows the client to reach conclusions and take decisions secure in the knowledge that these decisions were taken after a full and rigourous review with cutting edge specialists.

Knowledge Management System

All project information, including audio recordings and transcripts of team discussions, is organised and stored in our secure and sophisticated knowledge management system: Science Due Diligence System (SDDS). Clients and other project team members have exclusive access to their dedicated SDDS space where findings are recorded by the Case Manager. This allows for interaction amongst team members in response to the information as it is acquired. At the conclusion of the project, the Case Manager drafts and agrees with the client a final report on the project and findings. Read about SDDS.

Timings and Costs

The complexity of the topic under review and the number of participating experts are the main factors that influence the duration and cost of our services. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive our quote.