Science Due Diligence System (SDDS)

evalueSCIENCE has developed and is now running all internal and client projects via its proprietary comprehensive knowledge management software platform,­ Science Due Diligence System (SDDS), developed in collaboration with the Institute of Information Systems of the ETH Zürich and the IT company 28msec, an innovator in the field of data sharing networks, specifically cloud technology. SDDS is unique in its ease of use for the secure storage and sharing of data, collaborative creation of questionnaires and reports and interaction between the users (external clients, management, case managers). The system is wiki-based and incorporates 28msec’s cloud computing and web application allowing for access from any location with internet connectivity.

Studies or reports can be created collaboratively with several users working on a given page simultaneously. Collaborative work on web-based pages, with all information present in an ordered fashion, has great productivity gains. All users are aware of all data, all the time. Furthermore, it circumvents problems that stem from having local documents in differing versions, prevents data loss and prevents users from sharing and storing their data and documents via email.  It serves as a real-time accurate record of the information upon which decisions are made and documents the decisions themselves. It therefore is an ideal source to benchmark project development.