evalueSCIENCE delivers its services in the spirit of the peer review process. This includes in depth interactions between the client and our experts to arrive together at conclusions and identify solutions that are tailored to the realities of the client’s environment. Read about how we work to learn more about our dynamic process, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Quality Assurance

We conduct structured audits of university departments and academic institutions. Audits comprise an interactive assessment of strengths and weaknesses, scientometric performance analyses and evaluation by international peer groups. We help research teams evaluate and improve the quality of their research programmes. These aims are met through research, performance and organizational audits and consulting on rearch strategy, organizational structure, intellectual, capital and financial resources, hiring, remuneration and motivational practices, management profiles and practices and governance. Clients include universities, research organisations and foundations, start-ups and technology parks.

Due Diligence

We help R&D stakeholders assess the novelty, competitive positioning and development feasibility of research projects and portfolios. This service can be combined with our Quality Assurance offering to assess the potential of a given research team to effectively guide the project through development and to suggest ways to enhance its competitive positiong and overcome technical barriers. Clients include commercial R&D organisations, university technology liaison offices, funding agencies and investors, start-ups and technology parks.

Insight Reports

We work with cutting edge experts and access unpublished research information to prepare horizon-scanning reports that spot research trends and opportunities. Clients include public and private research organisations, investors, funding agencies, government ministries, foundations, industry organisations, financial analysts, and insurance companies.