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Administration, Projektmitarbeit

Laura Gautschi

Laura Gautschi supports EvalueScience in administrative work and projects. She recently completed her bachelors degree in Philosophy and political science at the University of Zurich.
President of the board

Mathis Brauchbar

Mathis Brauchbar is an expert for the interface between research, education and politics. He is a communications, strategy and policy consultant in the health care sector and has many years of experience in science journalism.


Dr. Dominik Steiger

As CEO of EvalueScience, Dominik Steiger supervises projects in the domains of life sciences, medicine and health. He has extensive experience in the fields of prevention and digital health.

Principal Scientific Officer

Prof. Ernst Hafen

Ernst Hafen is a professor at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology at the ETH. He has extensive experience in research governance and management including in the start-up sector. He is past president of ETH Zürich, current president of the board of Biotechnopark Zurich and a board member of Technopark Zurich. He is founder of the MIDATA Cooperative.

Member of the board

Adrian Heuss

Adrian Heuss is managing partner at advocacy. He has extensive experience in strategic communications consulting and project management in the life sciences, medicine and healthcare sectors.

Former Coworkers

Manuel Müller

Biology teacher

Nataša Stevanović

Public Sector Consultant at Ernst & Young

Seraphina Kissling

Data Scientist at SCQM Foundation